Should I Include Indies/Wii Games In WiiU Top 100 Games.

#11Megamushroom666Posted 5/19/2014 12:12:18 AM
NihiloExistant posted...
Indies? Yes, but no to Wii games.

Leave those Wii games in the past.
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#12Neonwarrior1243Posted 5/19/2014 12:16:40 AM
Why do a top 100 when it's only been out a year and doesn't even have 100 released games. Do a top ten or something and do the top 100 when it's down releasing games.
#13Tortus2Posted 5/19/2014 1:38:47 AM
R_Hunter posted...
Indies are a big yes. Wii are a no.

Indies count on ALL platforms.

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