Digital Foundry confirms MK8 is 720p, 59fps with judder, and no AA

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Coffeebeanz posted...

Starting from the top, then, there has been a surprising amount of confusion surrounding the resolution of the game with some sources even suggesting a native 1080p presentation. We can finally put that rumour to rest right here and confirm that Mario Kart 8 instead operates at what is effectively the console's standard 1280x720. Of course, considering the quality of the visuals, this can hardly be considered a disappointment especially when other developers are struggling to hit 1080p consistently on more powerful hardware. What is surprising, however, is the complete omission of anti-aliasing in any form. At the very least, Nintendo has previously utilised a basic edge-smoothing algorithm across its Wii U titles and such a feature could have demonstrably improved image quality without a serious performance hit. As it stands, however, we're left with a heavily aliased presentation filled with obvious stair-stepping and pixel-crawling artefacts throughout most scenes. Busier areas can even result in a loss of detail to the point of reducing visibility

We'll so much for that

they also go on to say that the game is still very beautiful, and a very very good game.
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I noticed the pixelation problem at the demo at Gamestop. I think the game looks good enough, but I had my doubts about what was claimed graphically when I was playing it. Nice to see that DF confirmed my suspicions.
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There is already 4 topics on this u noe.
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Look, I don't need all of this jargen about graphics.

People have eyes. They should be able to tell how good a games visuals are by looking at it.
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I did noticed jaggies on the edges of certain things on the MK8 demo at Gamestop, myself. It didn't really matter to me once the action started. Also, what kind of HDTV's are the Gamestop demos using? Are they cheap units? Outside of those jaggies visuals were VERY impressive! A thing of beauty! LOL.
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I'm pretty sure that jaggies won't be corrected with a better display, however, it is still probably a factor, that those displays might not be up to spec.

And before I forget...

ONLY 59 FPS? Dang, well I'd better take the elevator to avoid those darn steps then.
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Confirmed worst game ever. Nintendoomed.
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EnchantedDevil posted...


I refuse to play it now.

Fifty niiiiiiine?

I can't play a game with such a ****** fps, it gives my eyes cancer. Going to go play dudebroshooter 5 now.
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terminacarnival posted...
Look, I don't need all of this jargen about graphics.

People have eyes. They should be able to tell how good a games visuals are by looking at it.

The fact people need extra help from the likes of DF to confirm this says a lot about the posers who talk like it's very easy to spot the differences and how they're a big deal.
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I just got finished playing Kabuki Quantum Fighter on NES. I wish I had known it had no anti-aliasing before I bought it. It totally ruined an otherwise great experience...
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