What's your favorite Wii-U game so far?

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1 year ago#11
Super Mario 3D World is still the best I've played. Not done with MK8 though.
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1 year ago#12
Monkey kong country TF
1 year ago#13
Windwaker HD or Trine 2
1 year ago#14
1. Super Mario 3D World
2. Mario Kart 8
3. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
4. Pikmin 3
5. the Wind Waker HD
6. Lego City Undercover
7. the Wonderful 101
8. ZombiU
9. New Super Mario Bros U
10. Monster Hunter 3U

Honorable Mention: Need for Speed Most Wanted U
1 year ago#15
Probably DKC:TF.

Haven't played MK8 yet.
1 year ago#16
kdognumba1 posted...
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

This, my main reason for buying a wiiu and 3ds besides Zelda and Mario
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1 year ago#17
MK8 or 3D World
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1 year ago#18
1. mh
2. 3d world
3. TF
5. MK8

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1 year ago#19
The Last Story followed by ZombiU
Greatness comes from within
1 year ago#20
3D World
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  3. What's your favorite Wii-U game so far?

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