I am very jealous of "X" :(

#21mashuPosted 6/8/2014 2:38:51 PM
Buying a Wii U for X. At least that is still my current plan. Can't wait for SMT x FE either, but we know even less about that and its further off.

I've liked all of Monolith Soft's releases. Some more than others but I've never been truly disappointed. So for me, X is simply a must buy even only knowing the little we do.

That said, it was stated elsewhere that Xenoblade was a sort of trial run, so I fully expect X to use the same system, but for that system to be further refined. It should be fairly similar. That will please some and not others. I generally dislike automatic attack systems, but enjoyed Xenoblade well enough and adored its visual style and production. It was one of my favorite games last generation and it wasn't even HD. Can't wait for X as I'll finally have a reason to get the Wii U.