Heavy Capcom VC Support Incoming!

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That's good and all, but where are the new, exciting games that should make people want a Wii U. Anybody that pays $300 to play the VC games is crazy.

Nobody pays that much for VC.

Christ. It's called options. There is literally no negative in this. stop looking for one.

There's always negatives, there is a never anything that has literally none.

But I agree with your overall sentiment!
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That's cool about Gargoyle's Quest/Demon's Crest..those games are so expensive now.
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VC is such a ripoff...

Go make your own thread to whine about VC prices if you're going to be this obvious about baiting.

It's my opinion. So shut your mouth. Poke elsewhere.
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Very nice. Looking forward to trying out Demon's Crest.
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Hmm :D Demon's Crest (always wanted to own it as I beat it years ago by borrowing from a friend) and Gargoyles Quest 2... I haven't even played GQ2. Everything else I either already own or don't want.
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nothing on the regular Wii VC?
No thanks, I'd rather not play these games upscaled.

pretty sure the wii vc is upscaling them as well. if not, they would be a tiny square on the screen

nah, as far as I know none of the Wii VC SNES and NES games are upscaled if you set the Wii to output 480i. When that is done, they output 240p. Same for every Neo Geo game on there

Some TG16 games are bizzarely upscaled though, like Soldier Blade and Dynastic Hero for instance. Dracula X is 240p though
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