Ubisoft sitting on completed Wii U game. Waiting for more systems to be sold.

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They held off on releasing Rayman Legends, and look at what that got them.
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It is a great way to shoot yourself in the foot... If it is exclusive it won't cost you anything(except the waiting) but if it isn't it surely cost you some sells(some will go to other platforms others forget about your game).
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That's dumb. At this point everyone who wants Watch Dogs already has it.
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#5EternalWolfPosted 6/9/2014 4:09:48 PM
Its ZombiU 2, finished by the various subsidiaries of Ubisoft. Expect it to be a very low quality game that, like ZombiU, was a great idea that was executed poorly due to the low level of talent and leadership at Ubisoft.

I have no respect for this company, they simply dont care about their products at all and never, ever set out to release finished or stable software as evidenced by every one of their games.

ZombiU could have been a killer app. The entire concept was to make a game like Metroid Prime but with Survival Horror gameplay. You can see the great ideas of the game but when you play it it just leaves you wishing for a game of much, much higher quality.

The visuals themselves are a testament to how little they care about their products. It clearly needed to be rebuilt on a new engine from the groundup and it ended up looking like a love child of a PS2 and PS1 FPS. But thats not all, the engine itself could have easily been polished to at least look different and yet they still allowed it to look like a mess. And then comes the worst part of all, the visuals demanded so little of the hardware but it was so poorly optimized that they couldnt even get it running in 1920x1080 at 60FPs. I am not even sure if it ran at an HD resolution and if I remember correctly it didn't even reach the mandatory 30FPS.

So the question isn't what game it is, the question is why would anyone care what game it is? Let's say it isn't ZombiU 2 but something else. They just said it has been sitting on the shelf for six months and likely wont be released for another year. IF IT DOESN'T RUN AT 1920x1080 AT 60FPS WHEN RELEASED IT IS A MASSIVE FAILURE. The fact that they had all this time to polish it and make it run perfectly only to release yet another unstable game, regardless of the platform, is nothing more than disrespect to gamers and developers everywhere.
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I guess it is not a system seller!

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It's gotta be zombiu2.
#8DiscostewSMPosted 6/9/2014 4:15:05 PM
I feel it's likely not a game most people care about, so they are relying on Nintendo to sell the game based on Wii U sales rather than the game itself. The question becomes, "Why are they making a game no one cares about?"
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It's a game for friends and families to play.


God knows why they're holding it back then.
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#10ZatchBellPosted 6/9/2014 4:21:43 PM
Probably Just Dance Kids 2......or another fitness game......
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