what games can you get high in

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2 years ago#1
i just finished blowin it down n was thinkin wats good with a game where you can get high in it?

like that would be the most valid game ever cause you would be high and playin the game high like on some real innerspirit uil conection

ryu can smd
2 years ago#2

How old are you tho
2 years ago#3
Cooking Mama
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2 years ago#4
keep it a buck i even spell checked my message so why yu comin in here disrespectin me?
ryu can smd
2 years ago#5
Why do people think smoking makes you cool? I see it all over social media "Just got lit up," "Looking to get on that loud," what the **** is wrong with people nowadays. Smoking used to be something to do, it wasn't a social thing.
I tell the ladies I have an active social life, unfortunately GameFAQs is my social life.
2 years ago#6
yu got it wrong partna' smokin dont make you cool but it make you feel cool. **** social smokin too nobody hittin my Ls and thats fact you better go find 10$
ryu can smd
2 years ago#7
Carmina Burana: youtu.be/fUiEjLwZbTY
2 years ago#8
GTA isn't out for wii u hold up ima edit the post n clarity that
ryu can smd
2 years ago#9
zombieu for some realy scary ****

CoD for fun

or nintendoland with some friends
to the Grammar Police!-\/
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