So, the info about Star Fox Wii U is all bad news?

#1KittyMreowMrowPosted 6/11/2014 11:00:09 AM

"As part of Shigeru Miyamoto's brief to focus on the GamePad, this title will utilise the motion controls and physical inputs to control the ship ó it's a spaceship shooter, with motion used for aiming and sticks used for controlling speed and moves such as barrel rolls. You can transform your Arwing into a Land Tank, while a Helicopter mode for two players that will include controlling both the chopper and a mini robot."


Please tell me that the motion controls for Star Fox Wii U will be OPTIONAL. If not optional then I will never play it, since I do not like gimmicks in video games, especially motion controls. Normal controls are much better and ACTUALLY WORK!

"I donít think itíll take a lot of play time for people to get used to it. For most people, itíll take maybe 30 minutes to an hour. So from that standpoint itís not a game thatís particularly well-suited to displaying at a show like this, where you only have a short amount of time to play, so thatís why we held the event yesterday, to get everyone in to play for a longer period of time than they might normally."

WHY should we have to get used to it? Why can't they just be normal controls so that we can just play it?

"...One thing Iím thinking is that with this Star Fox we may take a different approach, so that rather than one big title we have multiple releases that are connected through different missions. If I was to describe the Star Fox series up until now as being sort of a movie series, I guess Iíd describe this new approach as something thatís more like a TV series for Star Fox."

ewww noooo
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motion controls, likely meaning using the gamepad's gyrosensor.
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It's like the perfect game for utilizing the gamepad. I'm glad they're using it.
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Jacob46719 posted...
motion controls, likely meaning using the gamepad's gyrosensor.

That means that people will have to flail the gamepad about like an idiot.

Why can't we just use the dual sticks? Nintendo ARE AWARE that the gamepad has dual analog sticks, right????
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I agree!
I think it's great that Nintendo wants to try new things but I REALLY hope the motion controls are optional. I honestly just want a good sequel to Star Fox 64, no running around on foot, no motion control gimmicks just a finely polished gem that I know Nintendo can produce.
#7GrimMTrixXPosted 6/11/2014 11:10:36 AM
Usng the touch screen was the reason i could not play starfox command. It just made no sense! Just use the control pad screen for health of teammates, mini map, show objectives, and thats about it. I do not want another starfox game where i have to flail a controller around or use a touch screen or whatever for maneuverability.
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If you're flailing the gamepad around like an idiot chances are you're playing wrong.
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Dannyson97 posted...
Your sounding stupid, gyro was optional in Star fox 3ds, and worked great, it will be optional and work great om the Wii U too.

"You're" as in "You are". You might want to at least get elementary school grammar down before insulting someone. (oh I also just saw your sig)


Nowhere in the article does it state if it is optional or not with this game. This is not Star Fox 3DS.
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player_three posted...
If you're flailing the gamepad around like an idiot chances are you're playing wrong.

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