Pikmin 3 or Zelda wind waker for a 5 year old

#1BodnerchukPosted 6/17/2014 12:52:02 PM
Which would be better for him? He liked that pikmin game on Nintendo land but I'm not sure how similar that is to the real game.
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It's the club Nintendo deal options only
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Not sure on Pikmin as i haven't played it yet, but Zelda might be kinda hard without anyone to guide him. Besides the hard battles he could proabbly just mash the attack button and do fine.
Plus the art style is a huge plus for kids, my little sister loved it
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Bodnerchuk posted...
It's the club Nintendo deal options only

I know, I was messing around.

Both games seem a little out of a 5 year olds grasp, but I could be wrong. I'd go with Zelda.
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both games are hard for a 5 year old
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I wouldn't suggest either unless the kid is unusually bright. Pikmin 3 requires a ton of strategy and time management, and is pretty much nothing like the NintendoLand minigame. Meanwhile, Wind Waker has a lot of tricky real-time action and puzzle-solving. Wii Party U would probably be a better choice for a 5-y-o.
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I have both and a 4 year old, he couldn't get the hang of controlling Pikmin at all, he hadn't touched it since the 2nd time, he plays windwaker for most of his video game time every week though, I do have to tell him where to advance the quest but once he starts a dungeon he gets through most of it without help.
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NSMBU is probably the best choice. That's what I played when I was five (well it was Sonic but still...)
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I agree that for a 5 yo, both would probably be a problem, but as far as which may be easier to deal with, I would go with Zelda.
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