Would you buy an F-Zero game on the Wii-U?

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1 year ago#1
Nintendo seems to be under the impression that F-Zero doesn't sell. Would any of you guy a reboot on the Wii-U?
1 year ago#2
No, but I'd buy a Ridley game.

Honestly, like Nintendo said, it wouldn't sell too well. I'd certainly buy it
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1 year ago#3
Not my cup of tea, but sure. Maybe this time I can actually learn how to play it decently.
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1 year ago#4
I would buy a new up to date F-Zero game. Not a remake of an old version.
1 year ago#5
I would love a new F-Zero game. A new Star Fox is in the works, so hopefully there's still hope for a new F-Zero.
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1 year ago#6
Sure. I'd prefer if it had the same style as the N64 one, though.
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1 year ago#7
New F-Zero, FALCON YES!!!
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1 year ago#8
I guess I might. Maybe.
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1 year ago#9
Sure, but it actually has to have online. I still want Wave Race though.
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1 year ago#10
I dunno, honestly they'd have to change or improve the gameplay somehow for me to care all that much. GX still looks and plays amazing so we'll see, and if it comes on the VC for everyone to buy well what's the point of making a new one? It's basically the perfect F-Zero game.
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