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User Info: elken

2 years ago#1
List your own system seller games (at least 2 titles), for each Generation of NINTENDO systems.
These are my picks:

*Nintendo (1985)
-Megaman II
-Castlevania III

*Super Nintendo (1991)
-Super Castlevania IV
-Megaman X

*Nintendo 64 (1996)
-Zelda Ocarina of Time
-Zelda Majora's Mask
-Ogre Battle 64

*Nintendo Gamecube (2001)
-Skies of Arcadia Legends
-Zelda Wind Waker
-Megaman Network Transmission
-Tales of Symphonia

*Nintendo Wii (2006)
-Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn
-Monster Hunter 3
-Metroid Other M

*Nintendo Wii U (2012)
-Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
-Zelda Wind Waker HD


(never bought the Gameboy, Gameboy color nor DS)

*Gameboy Advanced (2001)
-Metroid Fusion
-Mega Man & Bass
-Fire Emblem

*Nintendo 3DS XL (2012)
*(original 3ds screen was too small for my taste after being spoiled by the PSP screen)
-Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D
-Shin Megami Tensei IV
-Fire Emblem Awakening

Now lets see your picks. =)
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User Info: rand0mnez

2 years ago#2
Nintendo 64:
Super Smash Bros.

Gameboy Color:
Pokemon Blue/Yellow

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Game Boy Advance:
A Link to the Past
Metroid Fusion

Nintendo DS:
Super Mario 64
Kirby Canvas Curse

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Ocarina of Time 3D
Super Mario 3D Land
Paper Mario: Sticker Star

And soon to be:

Wii U:
Super Mario 3D Land
Mario Kart 8
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Hyrule Warriors
The Legend of Zelda U

User Info: X_Ste_90_X

2 years ago#3
I'll name the systems that I actually purchased myself with my own money because of games coming out on them.

N64- Super Mario 64 and OOT

Gamecube- never felt the need to buy one, only caved when I got one in a clearance towards the end of the GCN.

Wii- Wii Sports, Twilight Princess and RE4 Wii Edition.

Wii U- initially NSMBU and MH3U. More X and Bayonetta 2 the 2nd time around.


GBC- play Pokemon in colour.

GBA- Golden Sun and Advance Wars

DS- SM64 DS and Splinter Cell Chaos Theory on a handheld.

3DS- Legend of Zelda OOT 3D, Tales of the Abyss 3D.


Not all my favourite games, but definitely the reason I wanted the consoles.
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User Info: Spookyryu

2 years ago#4
Honestly I bought every system at launch for one game

Nes (Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt)
Snes (Super Mario World)
N64 (Super Mario 64)
Gamecube (Luigi's Mansion)
WII (WII Sports)
WII U (Nintendo Land)

Gameboy (Tetris)
Virtual Boy (Mario Tennis)
Gameboy Advanced (Super Mario Advanced)
DS (Super Mario 64 DS)
3DS (None)

User Info: The Top Crusader

The Top Crusader
2 years ago#5
The NES was all about Super Mario Bros. for me. Most of the other great NES games weren't out yet.
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User Info: zado19

2 years ago#6
Wii U: Bayonetta 2

DS: Pokemon
3DS: Pokemon/ Paper Mario (lol i know right, im still upset about that..... they lucky its actually a good system with a number of good games)

everything else, i didnt buy so it didnt really matter, i just played what i got bc i dont even really know how i got games before, my mom just got me whatever i had back them
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User Info: Wii_Truth

2 years ago#7
I'll start with my first home console, Super Nintendo. Can't really say these two are system sellers, because it was a gift from my parents, but I'll pick my 2 favorite games for SNES. :P

Super Mario World
Super Metroid

Super Mario 64 (obvious)
Goldeneye 007
Ocarina of Time

Luigi's Mansion
Super Mario Sunshine

Wii Sports (don't judge)
Super Mario Galaxy
Zelda: Skyward Sword

Wii U:
Mario Kart 8
Pikmin 3

Game Boy: I had one, but I honestly don't even remember the games I had. (Tetris?)

Metroid Fusion
Zelda: Minish Cap

Super Mario 64 DS
Nintendogs (don't judge, I love dogs)
Animal Crossing

Kid Icarus: Uprising

User Info: terrancejones

2 years ago#8
Only listing NES because I was a baby when I played it, and it means a lot to me, despite never owning one in the day. Also, SNES was a christmas Present, so trying to list titles that I got with it.

NES: Tetris, SMB, SMB2
SNES: Super Mario World, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time.

N64: Smash Bros and Super Mario 64
GCN: Smash Bros and Luigi's Mansion
Wii: *coughs* VIrtual Console, Twilight Princess
Wii U: Game and Wario!1!!, Nintendo Land.

Super Game Boy (*laughs* I got a GB Pocket later)
Wario Land II, Pokemon
Super Mario Advance 2, Mega Man Battle Network
Super Mario 64 DS, Pokemon
Zelda: OoT. .... Mega Man Legends 3... ...
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User Info: rockus

2 years ago#9
I don't remember individual games from the NES SNES eras that made me want one. I just wanted alllllll of them.

N64 - Mario 64, GoldenEye

GameCube - Smash Bros Melee, Metroid Prime, Wind Waker

Wii - Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, Wii Sports

Wii U - 3D World, Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3

User Info: ACDCrules1

2 years ago#10
NES - Super Mario Bros 3 and Kirby's Adventure
SNES - Super Metroid and Super Mario RPG
N64 - Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie
Gamecube - The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and Metroid Prime
Wii - Super Mario Galaxy and The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
Wii U - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart 8
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