anybody else torn between this and ps4?

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User Info: gilv3r

2 years ago#1
Games I'm interested in

Wii u:
Zelda u
3d world
captain toad
Mario kart 8
Wind waker

Uncharted 4
Arkham knight

First world problems I know lol. Either way I win I just need to commit lol.

User Info: wingo84

2 years ago#2
Nope, you buy both
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User Info: NovaLevossida

2 years ago#3
I have both, but if I had to only choose one, I would have went with the PS4. It would be the system I would recommend to others as well. I look at the Wii U as something not directly competing with the PS4 but also as something that I'd only recommend after owning a PS4 (or, to an extent, an Xbox One, but I couldn't recommend the Xbox One over the PS4).
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User Info: lordofthenlpple

2 years ago#4
PC for now

User Info: neogeoftw

2 years ago#5
Is buying both an option? The games you mentioned for ps4 wont be out until next year whereas 3d world, mario kart 8 and wwhd are out now.

You can get a u now and a ps4 later.

User Info: Terminatoor7

2 years ago#6
I have both.
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User Info: Trivio

2 years ago#7
Buy a Wii U.
Uncharted 4 takes a while to come out, Mgs5 is also for Ps3.
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User Info: gilv3r

2 years ago#8
lordofthenlpple posted...
PC for now

Already have a pc

User Info: supermegablox

2 years ago#9
id reccomend the xbox one ovre the ps4, i cant see why people are hating on it so much. but either way, the wii u is so much better
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User Info: MARl0

2 years ago#10
Nah, I have both. If I absolutely had to choose though, I'd go with the Wii U, because it has games that I just couldn't go without.
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