Playing which games or kinds of games qualifies you as a "hardcore" gamer?

#71KaiserWarriorPosted 6/24/2014 1:01:54 PM
manmouse posted...
in all honesty, i think the division lies with the gamer's answer to one question:

"do you care about games and your gaming hobby?"

regardless of time spent per day or year, regardless of genre preferences, regardless of skill level, regardless of goals while playing, it all boils down to whether or not the gamer cares about gaming or could throw the hobby away with no consequence other than having some moments of boredom they want to fill.

Yep. Hardcore vs. Casual? Video-Games-As-Hobby vs. Video-Games-As-Pass-Time.

Pretty much everyone watches movies. A whole lot of people watch a lot of movies. You are not a "hardcore film buff" unless you care about movies as a medium of expression and take an interest in things other than bog-standard, contemporary mainstream releases. No matter what genre of movies you watch, no matter how many movies you watch in X amount of time -- You are just "a person that watches movies" unless and until you start actually caring about the form and history of film, and make film and the study of it your hobby.
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Unless you game on a PC rig that is optimized for 4K output you are not a "hard core" gamer...
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