Sonic leaks and reactions.

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11 months ago#1
Before Sonic was announced in Brawl were there any leaks of him in the games?
And what were people's reactions?
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11 months ago#2
1. No leaks, just rumors or jokes
2. People were happy

Do people really not remember?
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11 months ago#3
Maybe people forgot the Sonic & Tails in Smash Bros. Melee April Fools jokes?
Yeah, that's were it started.
11 months ago#4
Sonic's inclusion was foreshadowed by heavy rumors. Not rumors with any basis in industry hearsay, but mostly based on "omglol wudnt be neet if sonk?" The reaction to his conclusion was about the same as the reaction to Megaman, if not more so.
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11 months ago#5
Actually I think people reacted more surprise with the inclusion of snake since he was the 1st 3rd party character to get announced
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11 months ago#6
Wow, kinda thought this would be Sonic Boom related. :P
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11 months ago#7
Christopher Belmont posted...
Wow, kinda thought this would be Sonic Boom related. :P

Same here
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