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Most important game of each Nintendo console generationSwickman8113/5 10:00AM
Battletoads in Shovel Knight on the X1. . .
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Eshop downloads 3/5/15Spookyryu63/5 9:22AM
What is the best online game on Wii U right now? (Poll)
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Nemerlight163/5 9:14AM
Mario vs. DK Tipping Stars gets a 9 from attack of the fanboy.comGunnar10063/5 9:13AM
C/D: There needs to be a Luigi's Mansion game in the style of 2D Castlevania. (Poll)CutthemacX73/5 9:10AM
Do you think Nintendo characters should talk? (Poll)
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Mandrew257143/5 9:06AM
Your reaction: Nintendo jumps into the VR market with The Virtual Boy 2ZombiePelican73/5 9:04AM
Your Reaction: Nintendo announces Virtual Reality and compatible launch games
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Vyers123/5 8:52AM
How powerful is or should Waluigi be?Ritster2193/5 8:47AM
If you could see any N64 game remade on this console...
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TeXaS_PiE433/5 8:45AM
Mario vs DK: Tipping Stars Ending *Major Spoilers*Chenmaster223/5 8:38AM
Are you buying Tipping Stars today?
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ponylegion20mil193/5 8:24AM
Wii U: Batman Arkham Origins
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Jx1010113/5 8:17AM
Tropical Freeze, New Mario bros, or Rayman?
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Ms_Giggly133/5 8:12AM
Lol, I feel sorry for the fool who falls for this, (Gold Mario)SpoonyBard12383/5 7:16AM
Captain Toad is mostly good, but it doesn't feel as full as I would have liked.
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Vyers283/5 7:10AM
Monster Hunter 4 ultimate? Is nintendo allergic to sales?
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PotatoTears133/5 7:08AM
If I did not own a U I would be so starved for exclusives!bloodborneGOAT93/5 7:04AM
My favorite series are destroyed by cars. Mario party 10,dynakong13/5 6:53AM