I will be getting a WiiU this weekend.

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Can you play on the gamepad in a different room than the TV or does it have to be visible to the console itself to work? I think this is where my confusion for the WiiU really became a problem for me to take the leap. I didn't understand the gamepad at all. Is it a handheld that Ninty just tried to pass off as a home console? What's the point of the TV then, except for having multiplayer? These were all past questions I had that made me not want to purchase it. Nintendo just doesn't do well with their marketing at all. Ever. When the Wii was released it took me two years to take the plunge. When I did I was really happy with my purchase. It was a blast to play. It was obviously a home console. This whole gamepad thing just confuses me. Though I know I'm making the right decision, especially when everyone here has really explained the WiiU, and the gamepad, much better than anyone else has to me. I'm definitely excited, and I'm sure once I get to play around with it, it'll be much clearer to navigate. :)
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It sounds like you've had all or at least most of your questions answered, but I'll just add a bit. You can take the gamepad into another room, but I've heard that walls may disrupt the connection and the range only goes so far.

The gamepad basically works as a regular controller. You can use it to play off TV for most Wii U games. Some games on TV require you to use it, but most let you choose. If you play on TV, you can use the gamepad as a regular controller or use something else like a pro controller or wiimote. Some games like Zelda: Wind Waker HD display the map on the gamepad while you're playing on TV, which is handy. Most people probably use theirTV because they have huge TVs and want to take advantage of the improved graphics and size.

I never had a Wii and have been playing Wii games a lot lately, so I've been using the TV a lot. But I play all my WIi U VC games and most of my retail games on the gamepad, like MK8, SM3DW, WWHD, etc. I'm so used to playing on portables and it's nice being able to watch TV as I play if I want, so it's eaiser that way. You can use the gamepad as a screen for Wii games, too, but you still have to start Wii mode on the TV, I think. (I wouldn't recommend playing Wii games on the gamepad, though, because it would involve pointing Wiimotes at the tiny screen, but the option is there.)

I think the interface is really similar to the 3DS's, though. I didn't have any problems learning how to navigate the menus, set things up, etc. Sorry to ramble so much! Everyone else probably knows way more than I do. Anyway, hope you enjoy your Wii U! I've really enjoyed mine so far.
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WitchBaby4200 posted...
Oh I'm not purchasing it myself. My father wanted to buy me something for my BDay, and while I normally purchase everything myself (I'll be 32) I figured why dish out close to 300.00 when Daddy Dearest wants to buy me something? ;) Lol. Thanks so much for everyone's input. So say I want to use the Wii Wheel from MKWii. Can I do that? I appreciate everyone's honesty in saying the gamepad was a little weird to get used to at first. And that I shouldn't think of the WiiU as a Wii. Honestly when the system was first launched I was pretty damned confused about the whole thing. I stayed as far away from it as possible, but since the servers for Wii and DS are shut down and I can't play MKWii online anymore, or AC:CF, or whatever, I figured I might as well join the rest of WiiU owners. I think my main problem with the confusion was that I was truly thinking of the WiiU as a Wii and didn't understand the gamepad function at all. I can not thank everyone enough for all of their input. Seriously. I tried to have someone explain it to me previously and instead of explaining the gamepad functionality they just said I was "stupid" and asked why it didn't make sense to me. I'm definitely a child of the 80's. While I've joined the 21st century, technology in gaming and everything else never ceases to amaze me. The first time I ever had internet access was freshman year in undergrad. My first cell phone was sophomore year. Just to show my age. Lol. And my lack of understanding. I had the same apprehension towards the Wii when it was first released, too, but grew to absolutely love it. So I'm sure, as all of you have stated already, that I'll get my feet wet and then dive right into the Wii U craze. :) Again, thanks to all of you for your patience, experience, and taking time to explain all of this to a complete idiot. ;)

I got a Wii U for my 32nd birthday as well a couple weeks ago. And they say Nintendo consoles are only for kids. >_> Well, I didn't so much as get it for my birthday as buy one right before my birthday and my wife told me she isn't getting me anything now. >_>
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^ LOL! That's awesome! Happy Birthday! My fiance is paying for a trip to NYC for me. So there was no way he was getting me a WiiU as well. I normally don't ask for anything for Christmas or my BDay. But I decided to jump for it when Dad asked me what I wanted. I was like "Well... If it's not too much trouble I would really like a WiiU." He laughed and said "I thought I was done with this video game stuff. People still play Mario?" "Dad, everyone my age still plays Mario games and Pokemon. The kids now play Borderlands, and FPS's like it's going out of style. Give me good 'ol fashioned road rage games. And Animal Crossing." Lol. He thought it was really cool that I took a trip to NYC last year for the AC:NL pre-release party. So it's not like he's against video games at all. Serves him right for not getting me a GB until I was around 10. I had to prove that my grades wouldn't suffer, that my piano practice, dance practice, and voice practice wouldn't suffer. Now I have my own business, and am still obsessed with Nintendo. Lol. :D
She was walking on a stage after the play was over. Who now could say it had ever happened.
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