Kotaku revists the Wii U - Must have platform

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HappyHippo04 posted...
That's a bit of an over reaction.

Theyre a "games journalism" site that lives on clickbait ad revenue.

Its a fair reaction.
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#12Granadico_Posted 7/9/2014 8:33:32 AM
While i never cared for Kotaku personally, its nice that people are coming around to Nintendo. Maybe it'll stop being cool to hate Nintendo in the media lel i kid
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Granadico_ posted...
it'll stop being cool to hate Nintendo in the media lel i kid

For me, it's not hating Nintendo, but hating the Wii U. But this article made me feel happy for owning one. The more articles like this one is what the system needs. It's got good games, good download games, kind of meh third party games and one of the WORST reputations since like the CDi or Virtual Boy. If it can get its image more better, then it would be more fun. Only reason I hate on it is because anytime I say something nice about it, people make fun of me for it, and I ave low self-estime.
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Yeah no. I'm not interested in a bunch of 2D Platformers and a convenience that I don't have much of a use for. (Actually Kotaku doesn't seem to understand the whole idea of not raising the price of a system with hardware that doesn't necessarily lead to new game experiences and that not everyone would be interested in. I say this because of their whole schpeel on harddrives too)

By the end of the year, yeah, the Wii U is definitely worth owning. But right now, meh.
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Too bad people most people still have their own opinions, and those opinions don't seem to include buying Wii U, no matter what one article says.
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Kromlech revisits Kotaku - Still crap.
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Nice article.
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