Why is Wii U the worst seller in America but best seller in Japan?

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STN79 posted...
Japan apparently loves the Wii U but america would rather play generic shoot em up games on their uber powerful PS4.

Because the PS4 doesn't have a single game in its library whatsoever that isn't a generic shooter.

Because there isn't a single shooter to be found on the Wii U.
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It's because the Wii U is mostly focused on more Japanese style games while the other consoles are focused on more western-style games. It was that way last gen, too.
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Terotrous posted...
It's because the Wii U is mostly focused on more Japanese style games while the other consoles are focused on more western-style games. It was that way last gen, too.

QFT. Japanese gamers have vastly different tastes in video games than Western gamers. Just check out any Japanese arcade and you'll see
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Bias, marketing and this:

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I'll give you the real answer, addressing why Wii U even had the strong launch that it did in Japan in the first place: Wii U has a Monster Hunter, PS4 does not

Capcom made a Wii U Monster Hunter Tri port and then shut down the MH3 Wii servers, forcing people to make the switch, quite a few people took the bait, leading to some pretty strong Wii U launch sales while Wii U had a lackluster launch in the rest of the world

Japan loves their Monster Hunter (so wait, how's Capcom in financial trouble again? just whore out more MH) and their Dynasty Warriors

lol at the people and the "americans love their generic rehashed FPSes! the japanese actually have taste!" Japan has their own CoDs..... oh, and by the way, CoD has done surprisingly well there considering their distaste for western games

and lol at the notion that the country that made One Piece the best manga selling series of all time has taste

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Sometimes i wish i lived in Japan. They know how to have fun!

Japan is an awful place to live lol.
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SuigintouEV posted...
STN79 posted...
Do american gamers not like fun or what?

American gamers are ashamed of fun. They'd prefer to mask it under the guise of violence, theft, movie-likeness, graphics, online cliques, etc so they can have fun while making it seem like they're not having fun.

This times a million.
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Wow, what ignorant comments. Perhaps Americans find other things to be fun than Japan does. You know, cultural differences and all? Like how they find dating sims about dating your little sister fun, but no other place seems to. The Japan worship on this board really cracks me up.
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