Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga OR Earthbound?

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User Info: wiiking96

2 years ago#11
manmouse posted...
EarthBound for more surreal, subtle, kinda emotional and eventually very dark style with a stripped down gameplay design.

M&L:SSS for a more upbeat, fun, lively, and more involved style with more unique gameplay.

This is a pretty good way to put it. While I voted for SSS due to it being one of my favorite games of all time, I would also recommend Earthbound as its writing and atmosphere make it a very compelling experience. Throughout my playthrough of it, I kept thinking that I shouldn't be liking it as much as I was, but it kept me sucked in. Although, I seriously abused load points to avoid being frustrated from bad RNG making me die a ton.
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User Info: DroneHunter

2 years ago#12
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