I now have high hopes for Nintendo DS Virtual Console after seeing this.

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Rukumouru posted...
They will not upres games on VC because the point of VC is to play games "as you remember them", on the original systems.

Well, this would sound plausible, if they hadn't changed it so that the two screens of the DS were shown side-by-side on both the TV and the GamePad. I'd rate that a bigger change than an upres.
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Chemazan posted...
This is for desmume, not Nintendo's VC

I'm aware of that. That's why I said "If they do the same " (Nintendo being the "They").
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Wow... I disagree completely. I prefer the pixelated look to the smoother one. I hate when game graphics have that smooth, virtual reality look. We got into an argument regarding it over on the ALBW board once. I feel the game would have looked better if it was more pixels and a tad fuzzy as in the case of ALttP's graphics. Games appear rubbery and synthetic otherwise.

In the link you provided, the only one I dug was the NSMB example, because even in its "improved" state, you could still make out its pixels. Pixels give games a better feel and look, and in some ways more texture. I hate high-definition sprites or 3D models. In that first link of yours, I much prefer the female on stage in the image to the left than the one of her to the right.