I'm officially done with Nintendo after this year's Club Nintendo rewards.

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Pretty sure we know who marked it.

It's okay, I still know what I said, and it still amuses me. I've been modded 7 times in the past week, and warned 3 or 4 times in the past month. This is nothing new.

Maybe you should take a hint.
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lmao at tc

-spends $600 in a year on nintendo merchandise
-is invested enough in the company to care about their s***** club nintendo awards
-cares enough about the company to make an angry thread on gamefaqs in order to declare that he's totally done with them
-intends to keep buying used games/consoles made by nintendo even though he hates them

this is just sad
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when a lot of you grow older you will look back at the way you've acted with disgust for yourself.

I wonder if kool aid ever had these problems
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club nintendo is just a gimmick, always has been, always will be. they had crap like that 25 yrs ago with nes. i signed up for CN for my free game with mk8 and havent been back since and dont plan to be
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TC, you are pathetic plain and simple. I hate being derogatory towards people but you bought the Wii U/Wii/3DS and the games for one purpose...to play them, NOT to get a physical reward for doing so.
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If I wanted a mario character I'd just buy it from the store. I have a donkey kong keychain. It was like...4 dollars? Why wait for it to be a reward from the nintendoclub. Also nintendoclub is waaaaay better than the ripoff gamestop bonus thing.
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bump for more rage please
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Too busy enjoying my new PS4 to rage.
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ZeroRaider posted...
Too busy enjoying my new PS4 to rage.