What do you think Splatoon is worth?

#1DifferentialEquationPosted 7/19/2014 9:12:44 AM
How much would you pay for it? - Results (308 votes)
It should be a full $60 release
25.32% (78 votes)
14.29% (44 votes)
17.86% (55 votes)
14.61% (45 votes)
It should be a $20 eshop game at the very most
27.92% (86 votes)
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#2The_shoemakerPosted 7/19/2014 9:16:44 AM
I don't know how much content there is in the game yet.
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#3AeruonPosted 7/19/2014 9:18:00 AM
The_shoemaker posted...
I don't know how much content there is in the game yet.

I know right. May ppl jump to conclusions and think it'll be a MP only game. Maybe there will be an extensive campaign, achievements, customisable weps etc.
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#4RemembrentPosted 7/19/2014 9:20:32 AM
I'll let you know after I play it
#5Kromlech06Posted 7/19/2014 9:24:39 AM
Probably want to wait for when the game is actually out.
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#6SuigintouEVPosted 7/19/2014 9:39:50 AM
About the same as titanfall, whatever that is.
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#7HayashiTakaraPosted 7/19/2014 9:41:49 AM
We've only seen one portion of the game, how can anyone already decide on the perceived value of it?
#8Ghost-inZeShellPosted 7/19/2014 11:39:15 AM
I would pay a full $60 for it.
#9AhnoldDoodPosted 7/19/2014 11:40:55 AM
Remembrent posted...
I'll let you know after I play it

#10CcroybbPosted 7/19/2014 11:41:45 AM
I don't care because I'm not playing it.
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