7 Minutes of Project Giant Robot gameplay...man this game looks worst and worst

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AhnoldDood posted...

People know it's a concept of a game obviously, what this board told me after E3, and even for a concept it looks bad.

That makes no damn sense. You still do not get it; it's not a full game, and it's not even finished.

Of course the undone tech demo of a game looks "bad". See, when it actually turns into a full game and it actually releases, then it would make sense to judge it.

And when it gets a better presentable build and if it looks better than this concept then I will happily change my opinion on this. Judging by the concept right now though it looks bad.

People are allowed to form these little things you know are called "Opinions" on games, demos, betas, alpha's and yes even concepts. Nintendo presents the game out it's going to get judged.
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Honestly I think this game has a cool concept (everyone loves giant robos and the collect and battle progression mechanic), but the gameplay looks absurdly loose and bad. They really just need to tighten this up a lot and it could be a decent game.
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