Do You Fill Out Club Nintendo Surveys Honestly?

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1 year ago#21
Nah. It's not worth it.
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1 year ago#22
Just did one for Game and wario I gave it a whole 5... just cause I liked the artwork as the rest of the game is a pile of crap
1 year ago#23
I'm honest for the most part, except for the areas where they ask the same damn question (paraphrasing): Which of the following was influential in making your purchase this game.

They ask it 3 times, the first time asking you each thing that brought the game to your attention (sales ads, online ads, YouTube, social networking, gaming magazine, etc.), the second time it asks you which few of those influenced your decision the most, and the last time it asks you which ONE was the most influential.

I just say "gaming news site" for all three, and that's it, because if I actually had to sit there and answer honestly, I'd be spending more time than necessary. I'm extremely busy all the time and I'm not going to let Nintendo waste it when they could have just asked the last question and I'd be done with the survey in a minute.

Otherwise, I'm truthful. Also, for Virtual Console games, I stress my dissatisfaction with the service and mention changes I want done to make it better (mostly more games per week, guaranteed at least one game a week instead of some weeks where we don't get anything at all, and I want Nintendo to accept fan input about which games get released so we're not getting a bunch of **** every week we didn't ask for).
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1 year ago#24
I have done in the past, but I think the last game I gave meaningful feedback on was Sticker Star. I do usually praise them too but I have rushed through the last few.
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1 year ago#25
I cut and paste some things like how I feel about VC, and series games, but I'm honest about everything because I appreciate what nintendo is doing giving me extra stuff and trying to be in touch.
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1 year ago#26
Yes I don't buy a lot of games do it doesn't take a long time. I tell them if their game is good or if it sucks and to stop the franchise all together, if I liked or hated the graphics, the music, the story, etc. I don't know if they read the responses or if they do, maybe they laugh at our responses and throw them away.
1 year ago#27
I do yeah. Though i don't usually write long paragraphs of stuff, juts a couple sentences if that
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1 year ago#28
1 year ago#29
I fill them out so honestly I admitted that I bummed the Fire Emblem: Awakening and 3DS codes off a friend to use with my SMT IV and Animal Crossing: New Leaf codes for the $30 eShop credit and free download of Pokemon X or Y.
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1 year ago#30
god no.

they don't take anything away from them anyways to make games or god forbid virutal console/online better.
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