What Nintendo games that were shown off at E3 2014 are you skipping?

#91Link1429Posted 7/23/2014 6:22:30 PM(edited)
Super Toad U
Smash Bros (**** Miis)
Mario Maker
Probably Bayonetta 2

....actually, skipping everything except Xenosaga, Dynasty Warriors Zelda. Still unsure about new Zelda.
#92NeoXZero15Posted 7/23/2014 6:33:22 PM
I can't remember them all but I'm pretty sure I was interesting in all the games, I've never played a yoshi or a kirby platformer so I'll get those. Toad interests me so i'll get that also. I'm getting almost all the games
#93ZeroRaiderPosted 7/23/2014 6:52:02 PM(edited)
Dynasty Warriors is trash, Platinum Games are garbage, and that Splatoon game looks like indie s*** that will be boring within 30 minutes.

Also, Miyamoto's robot game sucked.

Only good things Nintendo showed off at E3 were Toad, Yoshi, and Kirby. Mario Maker also looks bad. Nintendo already rehashed the New Super Mario Bros. games four times, why do I need to rehash it myself?
#94sketchturnerPosted 7/23/2014 6:58:51 PM
I will skip:
Kirby's Rainbow Curse
Hyrule Warriors
Devil's Third
Bayonetta 2
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Mario Maker (probably)
Captain Toad (probably)

I will buy:
Smash U
Zelda U
Yoshi's Wooly World
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#95FireElmoPosted 7/23/2014 7:17:31 PM
Are this many people seriously skipping Bayonetta 2? Good Lord...
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#96DrumguyPosted 7/24/2014 10:28:02 AM
Newave posted...
Definitely all of them.

Do you actually own a Wii U?
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