Who else is NOT buying Mario Party 10?

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10 months ago#31
Serious go back to the old formula and get rid of the car! The Bowser Party mode we can keep that, it adds to the fun that one person gets to be a jerk to everyone.
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10 months ago#32
pretty sure that i wont be buying this game. if nintendo puts online multiplayer with voice chat, i might buy it.
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10 months ago#33
The Great 0ne posted...
Waiting for Mario Party 2 HD instead.
Have fun waiting forever.

RobJ24 posted...
What Nintendo fan wouldn't buy Mario Party? Mario Party has always been a Nintendo fan favorite since the 64.
Probably ones that don't like ***** luck-based cars and boring ass games with no replay.
10 months ago#34
basically boils down to if it supports online multiplayer or not.
10 months ago#35
I will never buy a a Mario Party game. But if it's my platinum reward next year, then I will download it.
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10 months ago#36
I've bought every Mario Party up to 9 and I am actually not buying 10. I honestly don't like the new direction the series has taken with the vehicles and wish they would bring the classic formula back.
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10 months ago#37
I had such a terrible time with Mario Party 9 that I declared it the worst game in the entire Mario franchise, as well as the worst game I had ever played, and I hoped never to be played like a fool ever again.

I also held to the hope that ND Cube would learn from their mistakes. I was wrong.
Dice based Captain events instead of actual real-time events? Still around.
Mini-Star halving events, instead of taking just one quarter? Possibly still around, if that video of the airship canyon board is any indication.
Mini-games having a prize spread of 5-3-2-1 instead of the more motivating 10-5-3-1? ...well, no-one knows that yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's still around.

Because of this, not only am I not buying Mario Party 10, but I will actually go out of my way to divert potential sales away to other, better party games instead.
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  3. Who else is NOT buying Mario Party 10?

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