Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro?

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User Info: MisterMyster614

2 years ago#1
Answer pls yo thx k ye - Results (45 votes)
Classic Controller
4.44% (2 votes)
Classic Controller Pro
95.56% (43 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I'm looking at getting the Club Nintendo Paper Mario game and I need to get one of these. Ratings in a 10/10 format would be appreciated for stuff like comfort and ease of access for the buttons and such. | |

User Info: megamachopop

2 years ago#2
Classic Controller Pro destroys the original. All the top buttons are easy to reach without 2 of them being almost near the center, the control sticks are farther spaced making them much easier to use, and the added handles make it much nicer to hold.

Original - 3/10
Pro - 9/10

User Info: Toozin

2 years ago#3
CCP by a country mile.

User Info: Kromlech06

2 years ago#4
It's not even a question.

The real question is, can you FIND the pro?
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User Info: amiibo

2 years ago#5
Yeah, get the Pro. The original is functional enough, but there's no reason to pick it up over the CCP revision unless there is somehow no way to get a hold of the Classic Controller Pro.

User Info: Stanger5150

2 years ago#6
CCP. No contest. It's like asking "which is the better controller: Genesis 3 button, or 6 button?"
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User Info: burningxbridges

2 years ago#7
I have both, the Pro is better for N64 games. Regular classic is better for NES/SNES titles.
Although this could all be in my head. If you're only getting one, get the pro.

User Info: Burning_Breeze

2 years ago#8
The non-pro has analog triggers, but no games on the console use them for anything. If you're using it on PC, it can make a difference, but that's a pretty unlikely situation.

The ZL and ZR buttons on the non-pro have a super satisfying mouse-esque click to them, but the placement is terrible.

The D-pad's are slightly different too, with the pro D-pad being a little more firm and clicky, and the non-pro feeling more mushy to me. That being said, the CCP has my favourite D-pad of all time on any controller.
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User Info: importvita

2 years ago#9
Pro Controller FTW!!!

User Info: Krambo42

2 years ago#10
It's not hard to find a Pro. You can get the Japanese one, which works on US systems, for $30 on
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