Name a bad first party Nintendo game (NES era games do not count)

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I'd have to say mario party 9. Changing to the car ruined it.
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Come on, guys, there's a difference between widely accepted "bad" games and popular games that you personally didn't enjoy.

Mario Pinball Land is a bad 1st party game. I hate Yoshi's Story, but I know it has plenty of fans. Mario Pinball Land, as far as I'm concerned, has no fans.

No matter what game you choose, I'm sure there's at least one person that likes it.

I meant to the masses. I hate Yoshi's Story and Pokemon Snap, but the majority of people do not hate those two games. The majority of people hate a game like Hey You Pikachu or Mario Party Advance, so I consider them much more legitimate candidates for worst Nintendo game.
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They aren't even all sony games. Nice try though. How does it make you feel when you look at this

22 games that all out performed your list, oh and all of those are Nintendo first party (except tetris), not just ones published by them.

Try harder next time

First it's "ip's", now you're counting individual "games".

Move them goalposts for Mario, Fanboy.

It was first party games actually and you changed it to any game on the system.
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Wii Music and New Super Mario Bros. are pretty much it for me, I suppose.
Couple o' YouTube channels.