Would you rather have a female Link or Zelda be the protagonist of a Zelda Game

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That would be offensive to me. Whats next a female president?
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Link was meant to be a stand-in for the player. If the game gave us a choice between a male Link and a female Link, than I'd be all for it.

This is the only way it'd make sense to make Link female.

Indeed. I wouldn't want a purely female Link as the main character, just a gender selection at most.
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Should either have Zelda be the main character, or allow the player to choose between M/F Link.

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It already happened: Zelda The Wand of Gamelon on Phillips Cd i..... Play it at your own risk
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Just give us a choice to make Link male or female.
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I'd only go with Zelda over a female Link if Zelda wasn't a royal.
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My views:
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There are two Zelda games where you play as Zelda. Two horrible horrible games.
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a female link is good at least for the sake of a change of pace, but apparently changing link's gender is an offensive change (despite all the more dramatic redesigns he's had)

changing link's gender would change the game.

Please elaborate.

I was referring to the feeling of the game. It just wouldn't feel like Zelda anymore.

Right, a (Slightly) higher pitched voice when swinging a sword would change SO much.

Took the words straight out of my mind. A female link (choosing gender at start or not) would change literally nothing.