Nintendo's next console is Nintendo Fusion? QOL (cool) console+handheld as 1.

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Personally I think Nintendo has someone great on their hands, and anti -fanboys f***ing hate it.
Because it just might ROTFSTOMP the competition.

Sony fans are in distraught because ps4 has next to no RPGs.
Japan is currently in love with handhelds.

if this gets big in japan.

It's going to be the SNES era all over again.

..Why do people like you exist? Why is it that you actually WANT consoles and games other people enjoy to fail, no longer be produced, and lead to a single monopoly of Nintendo over the game industry?

No, wait, don't answer that, I already know the answer. You're obviously a child who has no actual idea of how the world works, or can comprehend that others may enjoy things you don't, and that it's okay for them to like those things even if you do not.

I only say that because there is no way that a sane, reasonable thinking adult would possibly want to spit on the enjoyment of others for their own self entitled selfishness and buyer fulfillment.

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1) isn't a lot of this based on old rumors about 'Fusion'?

2) Wasn't QoL supposed to be separate from Nintendo's gaming side?

3) How does it make any sense for Nintendo to release another console when the PS4/X1 just came out last year and everyone has been trying to place the Wii U in the same generation?

1) yes old rumour

2) not what the new patents/trademarks say.

3) This thing is still at least a few years out(2016 would be the absolute earliest and more likely 2017/2018) it'll be a few years before we hear anything official. If it is backwards compatible with the Wii U I wouldn't be surprised to see it in 2016 to try and end the bleeding with out angering the fanbase too much.