For how little story it has, the Mario games have supprisingly decent continuity

#1TheMisterManGuyPosted 7/30/2014 4:36:45 PM
Mario has never really been about plot. It's always been a game first and foremost. Yet despite this, it actually has some pretty decent continuity between games. For example, Professor Egadd, a character introduced in Luigi's Mansion, was the creator of Fludd in Super Mario Sunshine. Several characters like the Pianta's and Rosalina made many appearances in later Mario games. And there are references and callbacks to other Mario Platformers in the Mario RPGs. The only glaring exception to this seems to be Super Mario Galaxy 2 where it forgets the original ever happened and tells a retooled story.
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That kind of continuity is very normal in cartoon shows with no continuous plot and childish comics...
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Its not that difficult to continue a story when the only plot point that usually occurs is Bowser kidnapping Princess Peach, lol
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Recurring characters aren't really continuity, just expanding the universe of characters. I mean, how boring would it be to only have SMB1 characters appear in more than one Mario game?

This is regarding the platformers, of course. The Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi games are actively conscious of their continuity.
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