Wii u owners: do you also game on pc?

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User Info: R_Hunter

2 years ago#51
Yep. I'm currently doing a runthrough of Torchlight and it's sequel.

I've also a 3DS, and will be getting a PS3 this holiday since I can find them everywhere and insanely cheap..
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User Info: Retrowire

2 years ago#52
Yup, plus 3DS.
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User Info: JiggsMcPuff

2 years ago#53
Yeah, I connected to my TV and to my desktop computer, so when my brother or i are using it the other can use the TV.
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User Info: temgun

2 years ago#54
Yes, the best combination. Wii U has so many games that can't be found on any other platform and PC gets pretty much everything PS4 and Xbone get.

User Info: rockus

2 years ago#55
I do but I mostly use PC for games I can't get physical copies of anyway like Limbo, Braid, Guacamelee, and so forth or stuff like StarCraft II and Civilization.

I also have a ps4 as well though. Part of the reason I'm into console gaming is to largely have physical copies of games.

User Info: harold317

2 years ago#56
Not at the moment, but I do plan to make Wii U & PC my setup for this gen. PS4 & Xbox One emphasize game genres that I'm not really fond of (shooters & movie-wannabe games), so I'd rather wait until more interesting games begin to come out.
Prince Shondronai 2 years ago#57
I'll play the occasional adventure game on PC, but for the most part I stick to consoles.
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User Info: andresthejeff

2 years ago#58
I own and play on a PC and plan to buy a Wii U when more games come out. Probably in January.

*I want at least the new Yoshi game and Smash to be out.
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User Info: Gynthaeres

2 years ago#59
Yes. I play almost exclusively on PC, though I tend to get consoles for high-quality exclusives.

Right now, of the "next gen" consoles, the Wii-U is the only one worth a purchase. I'll get a PS4 eventually (probably), but I'll need to see more / better exclusives for it. Stuff that actually interests me. Currently no plans to get a One, just because my 360 hasn't seen like, any use for the past four years.
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User Info: coreekymon

2 years ago#60
I honestly can't stand PC gaming. Don't want to hook a desktop up to my TV; hate mouse and keyboard; don't want to mess with settings on each game; no games I want to play other than some multiplats I can get on Playstation anyway. Everything about PC gaming just feels convoluted to me and I'm not a fan of the game genres that thrive on PC. And I hate the move to digital only gaming, I want physical copies of all my games.

I will be happy this gen with a Wii U, PS4, and 3DS (and maybe a Vita eventually).
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