Wow nintendo dedicating a direct to dynasty warriors!?

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1 year ago#1
If sony or ms had a special conference for call of duty everyone would laugh. Im surprised people on this board arent doing the same for the japaneses equivalent even though more dw games are released in a year than cod games. This shows the lack of games for the wii u this year when you put the spotlight on dynasty warriors. We got bayonetta 2 then a multiplat smash bros that isn't going to sell on wii u
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1 year ago#2
ya u tell em bro
1 year ago#3
she got screwed up by religion. she got screwed by soccer players. she got high for the first time in the camps down by the banks of the mississippi river.
1 year ago#4
Whether you like it or not, Hyrule Warriors is one of the Wii U biggest titles. Dynasty Warriors sells like crazy in Japan, similar to how Call of Duty sells like crazy in the west.
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1 year ago#5
well... they want it to do well
dynasty warriors sell alot in japan and they want it to take off in other countries as well

given that koei tecmo is one of the few 3rd parties that is still churning out content for nintendo this is a good move
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1 year ago#6
It's the next big game coming for the Wii U... Why not have a Direct for it...

Also Murderstorm Topic
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1 year ago#7
"Wow nintendo dedicating a direct to Zelda!?"
1 year ago#8
If they did a Call of Duty crossover with Halo, Killzone, Gears of War, or some other popular shooter (or multiple shooters), people would be pretty excited as well.
1 year ago#9
Dear Murderstorm

Stop making topics.

Sincerely, everyone
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1 year ago#10
Nintendo making a direct about their game?!

Quelle surprise!
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