Nintendo asks you to choose the next Metroid team from the following

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Better not be the same team that made that boring Prime games, that scanning was boring...

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Better not be the same team that made that boring Prime games, that scanning was boring...

cheers to that. Prime series was okay but it was too slow paced and kinda on the boring side.

I agree with you guys. It was so boring. It was like walking around and not knowing what to do half of the time. I get a headache after 10 minutes of play each time.

that is how metroid is sapose to be

explroation in a alien world with you feeling isolated
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None of the above. More options please.
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None. I pick Platinum Games. Kamiya may be a bit of an egotistic primadonna but his games are complex, fast-paced and fun.
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1st option starts with kamiya which is amazing. Great choice there. Miyamoto in producer is great as well, he has loads of experience and wouldn't screw it up. Metzen would be weird but also awesome, the guy who did all the diablo, StarCraft, and wow lore would be awesome for Metroid. And team ninja might not be the best but there's talent there and with those 3 on board this would be a great option.

Second option with igarashi. Starting great, he made all the good metroid esque castlevanias so gameplay and design would be killer. Next for sakumoto, he screwed up a ton with other m but he's really good with management so producer would be fine. Walters though... I don't know. Lead writer for ME3 and that ended horribly. And he likes drawn out cinematic experiences... Maybe if a different director but idk... And of course EAD is super talented. Still could work out though I guess, would definitely make a very well made 2d Metroid.

For 3rd choice, tameem, wow no. The guy who made the bad DMC reboot? Ew. His only other decent game is heavenly sword which seems to be okay. But everything else he's done is shovelware and even then its not a lot. Sid Meier for producer. First off WHY?! OP you do realize producer is basically just management right? What could he contribute from that? All he could really do is advise tameem who probably would ignore it. Moving on for drew and finally an AMAZING choice. Lead writer for first mass effect, jade empire, KOTOR, and never winter knights. Flat out perfect there, could make a great story with him. And retro. Well they have tons of talent but with tameem running thing I don't know. Director is the most important guy. I suppose it could be good if they ignore tameem but I wouldn't hold you're breath on this option.

4th option we get itagaki. Well the guy who made DoA and ninja gaiden. Dunno about Metroid being a hack and slash. Probably would make an other m with crazier nonpoop gameplay. And inafune would work, after all even kamiya called him nothing but a business man. And kojima who actually would probably work great with itagaki. This team would probably be amazing and have some great chemistry if OP didn't put shanghai Alice here. WTF OP? TSA is one guy. One guy who makes nothing but shoot em ups. Really cross out the whole option here cause you'll never even see a game from this option. Maybe if there was actually a development studio here.

Last option. Ito did a bunch of megaman and z games. It'd be the most linear Metroid yet but probably crazy good so acceptable I guess, could be better. Titov like did Meier is a bad choice. He's mostly a technical programmer who licenses his work. Whatever I guess. Takahashi is great though, xenoblade tier story would be awesome. Unfortunately this creates a situation like 2 where director only makes 2d games and story only does epic 3d cuhrazy adventures. Bad chemistry there. And valve is talented I guess when they actually do something. The game would be great on a technical level.

Ranking though, 1>2>5>3>4.
All you people picking the 3rd option just for retro are crazy, that mishmash would probably be a train wreck.
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I voted for the one with Retro, but I would love to see a Kamiya Metroid.
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surprised to see so many votes for team ninja. other m was way too easy as it was designed for casuals and the story/character development was terrible
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Never thought of Valve making a Metroid game, but it would definitely be amazing.
Would buy day 1.
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Just let Retro make Prime 4
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I liked the scanning, it allowed you to learn more about the game's back story without interrupting it with cut-scenes.
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InfinityOver0 posted...
surprised to see so many votes for team ninja. other m was way too easy as it was designed for casuals and the story/character development was terrible

Are you seriously not aware that Sakamoto was responsible for how terrible the game ended up? We've got over that a bazillion times.
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