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User Info: naisu_boato

2 years ago#11
they are releasing a gamecube controller adapter for SSB4. that and a SSB4 controller. i wouldn't be surprised if they were toying with the idea of a GC virtual console release list to be honest.


this being said it isn't completely out of the question for a Gamecube virtual console. it seems a little farfetched to say they only made this for ssb4, and no intentions of ever using it again. some hardware is questionably useful, in the us/canada region, but actually usefull in the other regions (wii u microphone). i will just sit and wait to see what happens...even if no gamecube virtual console now i will just plug an actual copy into my actual gamecube.

User Info: Stejpan

2 years ago#12
You have better luck buying a used Gamecube on eBay than seeing VC support for the GC.
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