Was the Wii Nintendo's most "arcadey" system?

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2 years ago#1
Think about it. The concept of the Wiimote and its peripherals are things you would expect from an arcade game. Most of the system's best games had an arcade like simplicity. It relied more on local multiplayer rather than online, and like most arcade games. It was built around being accessible to everyone. Your thoughts?
2 years ago#2
The NES was more "arcadey" imo
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2 years ago#3
I know what you mean, the NES and Wii were Nintendo's most arcadey systems though I don't think anything was as arcadey as every Sega console ever though.
2 years ago#4
Well they used to make actual arcade boxes so.. no. But I know what you mean.
2 years ago#5
2 years ago#6
*looks at NES*

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