How's Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess to the newbie?

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Akaihiryuu posted...
The Wii version of TP is terrible, I highly recommend the GC version, but the Wii U won't run that (barring mods of course).

Let me guess. A flick of the wrist for sword attacks is so much more horrifying than pressing a button? Also, the IR controls for the aiming in TP are superior to GCN analogue.
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They're both fine for new players and both are great games. Zelda titles, aside from a couple outliers, are pretty approachable, and typically among the highest quality titles on a given system.
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ESBLive posted...
Now all that's left is to find the game. It's pretty rare here in the Philippines. I'll be ordering online as a last resort.

PennywiseJim posted...
Like others have said, start with Twilight Princess, then play Skyward Sword. They are both really good, but I think I like Skyward Sword just a bit better. Remember that you'll need a Wii remote with MotionPlus to play Skyward Sword.

Oh man I forgot about that. I got a Wiimote with motion plus, but I saw a nunchuk being used for this. Am I going to need a nunchuk too?

Yes, I believe you need a nunchuck to play Skyward Sword. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure you need it for Twilight Princess, too.