Name 1 dream exclusive Sega should release for Wii U

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2 years ago#61
MichaelS91 posted...
NintendoLover25 posted...
Juju_Architect_ posted...
Don't see what was so un-sonic about having a sword in a game themed after round table fantasy.

Exactly, it's a spinoff, it doesn't have to follow the conventions of the main games. Riding around in a go-kart is pretty un-Mario compared to the platformers for example.

Mario kart is a racing game a completely different genre, Sonic and the Black Knight is STILL a platformer and plays nothing like a sonic platformer.

But it's still a platformer with Sonic in it. And still based around speed.

The storybook games are a side-series sort of thing. They had no intention or obligation to design them like normal Sonic platformers.
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2 years ago#62
Skies of Arcadia. Remake or Sequel
2 years ago#63
Easy for me, Shenmue 3 (with HD remasters of Shenmue 1 and 2 included obviously :))
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2 years ago#64
perfectlydark1 posted...
Phantasy star online
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2 years ago#65
Shenmue. I always wanted to play that game.
2 years ago#66
Eternal Champions. What's that? No Mortal Kombat X? No problem if EC is Wii U exclusive.
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2 years ago#67
kdognumba1 posted...
perfectlydark1 posted...
Phantasy star online
2 years ago#68
Valkyria Chronicles 4 (map and stats on gamepad would be great) or Skies of Arcadia remake or sequel.
2 years ago#69
Whatever the hell game Gemini Sunrise and Erica Fontaine come from.
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2 years ago#70
Pretty much everything that was already mentioned. Sega has such an amazing catalog of games and franchises that they continue to ignore every console cycle.
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