We need a more mature Zelda.

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11 months ago#1
I'd really like to see Nintendo do a reboot of Zelda in a sense. They should make Gannon a little darker, flesh the story out a little more, and actually give the game a realistic look just like the tech demo. I don't thick the violence should be overkill, but there needs to be a tint of blood and a really dark story that gives Link a real purpose to be fighting.

Don't get me wrong, the stories are good in the other games (especially Ocarina and Link to the Past). But we need a slightly stronger story, and the world of legend of Zelda is a good premise for a great story. I think there should be voice acting and yes, link should have a voice; it just needs to be done right.
11 months ago#2
How is that "mature".

13 year-olds think grimdark is mature.
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11 months ago#3
11 months ago#4
I agree, cougar Zelda would be sweet
11 months ago#5
I think Twilight Princess went as far as they should with a more "mature" Zelda. That game did have blood as well.
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11 months ago#6
Funny..... Wind Waker in a sense does what you want. Have you played/finished it or dismissed it due to the cartoony visuals?
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11 months ago#7
I guess fighting to protect the world from evil isn't good enough anymore.
11 months ago#8
Wind waker had a boat that talks; twilight princess is a little bit closer to what I'm looking for except for turning into a wolf.
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