Are the WiiU Pro Controllers discontinued or something?

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Nope. They're always in every store I go to that sells video game accessories. If all else fails, ebay. I got one there for $6.

I tried that, didn't realize i got a bootleg instead of a real one :\ wondering if i could trade it in somewhere..

That sucks. I would have just returned it. How long ago was it? You may still be able to report them for selling counterfeit merchandise and ebay will give you your money back.

I was gonna return it, but the shipper was from China (it wasn't ebay)
They were sneaky as hell. It was an actual website based in the US (i examined the hell out of the website since it was too good of a deal), but they didn't mention anywhere about shipping from China. So shipping charges was $20 each, so i'd lose out on half of what i payed.
They're fully functional and work fine, they're just not Nintendo's so they fel slightly differnt. They also lack the Wii U logo at the top (hadn't noticed it till they got here)
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Next you buy something just go straight to Amazon, it's saves you some headaches. You wen to multiple stores and wasted a ton time, energy, and gas over a gamepad.
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