Nintendo should keep the Digital Deluxe Promotion permanently.

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1 year ago#1
Maybe rename it as Basic Wii U's aren't really sold anymore, I don't think. It's a nice loyalty program, and for many people it's a nice incentive to purchase things through the eShop than though retailers.

Personally I still buy games at the store, however I have downloaded a fair amount of content through the eShop and have been able to redeem at least $15.00 worth. The promotion should expand for a couple more years in my opinion.

The Virtual Console Promotion was great, but too bad they haven't brought back the .30 cent games. Oh well.
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1 year ago#2
I earned $15 as well in eShop Credit. I also prefer the physical copies but it certainly is nice to get the points for games that are digital only. I also got points for Wind Waker HD and Pikmin as they were freebies (Wind Waker Bundle, and Mario Kart 8 free game).

I really do like the Digital Deluxe Promotion but I haven't gotten too many games yet that qualified for the points. I'll probo be lucky to see another $10 by end of the year. (I say 10 rather than 5 as I'm pretty close to my next $5 credit). It would be nice to see them keep the promotion for another year but somehow I doubt they will.
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1 year ago#3
I'd love it to stay around too. 3DS lets you use almost every DSiWare while the Wii VC porting is left in the dark for the Wii U. But at least the DDP is there to make me feel like the Wii U eshop has its own perks instead of being nothing noteworthy.
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1 year ago#4
While I'd like to see the Digital Deluxe Promotion continue, I don't have a lot of hope that it will, at least not in its current form. I doubt Nintendo can just keep effectively giving out free money forever, even if it's only on their shop.

As for the "Virtual Console Promotion," that was really just for the NES's 30th anniversary, hence the $0.30 price tag (or thirty yen in Japan).
1 year ago#5
I think I've made $15 from the Digital Deluxe Promotion thus far and that's with 2 retail games (one being Monster Hunter when it was $20) and a bunch of VC titles. There should be something in place to account for Nintendo not having to print discs/manufacture packaging/ship merchandise to stores and a 10% rebate seems like a great balance between giving us something back and not breaking the bank for Nintendo.
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1 year ago#6
I hope they do If they don't i'll probably just buy a buncha VC games i'm gonna buy anyway over time, just for the DPP
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1 year ago#7
I'd like to see the DDP stay, but changed to also include 3DS digital games as well :P

To be honest, the only reason I'm buying Smash Bros physically is because I'm saving $10 on extra hardware by buying the bundle for $99.99 (which is about the same in savings as buying $100 worth of Wii U eShop games)
1 year ago#8
Yes they really should.
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1 year ago#9
Ha... wishful thinking, but that'd be a bit overkill for an early adoption incentive.
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1 year ago#10
I've already hit $30 in the past couple months, and haven't spent an actual dollar on the eshop. It's all been through other various promotions. If the Wii U is still struggling, I could see them prolonging it.
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