So what games available or announced use two Gamepads?

#1Angleslam2KPosted 8/10/2014 2:03:40 PM
Nintendo announced that this was possible at Wii U launch but I've kinda missed which games support this.
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Well you can't even get two so its a moot point, lol
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#4bigjnycPosted 8/10/2014 2:56:54 PM
At this point is it really needed.
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With Mario Kart 8 backpedaling with the "map on gamepad ONLY", none right now. Although I'm hoping Splatoon will since that game has gamepad advantages.
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This sounds absolutely bonkers, but I have a feeling that Blizzard (yes, THAT Blizzard) is creating a whole new Lost Vikings for the Wii U, taking advantage of the fact that it'll support two GamePads to fit the three vikings on separate screens. I mean, think about the concept: Wouldn't it be perfect to show off the Wii U?
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