Zelda Bundle - noisy?

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User Info: ggazoo

2 years ago#1
So I picked up the Zelda bundle last night - actually let me correct myself - I picked up 2 bundles last night, because I had to take one back. The system, with a disc in, was really loud. So, I exchanged it for another one... and that one was loud too!

Was it a bad shipment, or are all Wii U's noisy? Or, for some reason, are the Zelda Wii U's noisy?

User Info: terrancejones

2 years ago#2
Oh... um. it should be quiet. One of the quietest consoles around. Probably quieter than a SNES.

No, not that quiet, but my silly example should clue you in as to how silent it should probably be.
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User Info: GuyFawkes5

2 years ago#3
I as well have the Wind Waker Wii U, mine is pretty darn quite
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User Info: 01Philip01

2 years ago#4
Mines pretty loud, I heard launch ones are louder then the newer ones but I have no idea.
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User Info: GodReborn

2 years ago#5
I have that bundle as well. u can hear the fan, but that's about it even when playing from a disc. u probably won't notice it unless ur thinking about it. it's not like an early 360 or ps3 (i.e. jet engine loud or anything near that).

User Info: Manocheese

2 years ago#6
That's just how it is, unfortunately.
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