Why is New Super Mario Bros so bland?

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10 months ago#1
Is that the right word? No, I don't think it's "bland" really. Maybe repetitive?

Either way you've played one you've played them all. I have played Wii and U thus far, seen videos of the others, and I know a lot of people egg on them. The pre-64 Mario's were awesome so why is NSMB so... "Meh"? I think the art style is a problem for one.
10 months ago#2
I think it's the Music and the over use of the same Mario 3 like levels.
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10 months ago#3
I had to stop playing NSMBU at Soda Jungle. The entire thing was just hideously repetitive. I couldn't help thinking "I've done this too many times."
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10 months ago#4
I think because the levels feel the same as the 2d mario games. Sure there are "new" gimmicks, but they play the same, and its repetitive
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10 months ago#5
Its the same repetitive soundtrack that plays from beginning to end for every game
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10 months ago#6
Because it lacks Rosalina.
10 months ago#7
At least with the 3D Mario games they all feel different (Except maybe Galaxy 2). Every NSMB game feels the exact same, just with edited levels and bosses.
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10 months ago#8
I think it's the soundtrack and homogenized artstyle. Each NSMB is built from scratch so I don't know why they don't change up the sound/style every once in a while. Make each one unique by the way they look and sound not just some gimmicks, SMB series did this and they were great.
10 months ago#9
Bat178 posted...
At least with the 3D Mario games they all try something different. Every NSMB game feels the exact same, just with edited levels and bosses.

Lol, have you played NSMB2 for 3DS? I made the mistake of paying full price for that trash. The level quality was so poor and amateurish, I didn't know what to make of it, until I read a review on this site that summarized it for me: ROM hack. Usually no matter how generic Mario gets, the level design is ok, but good god was that game horrible.

I also love how Nintendo acts like Bowser kidnapping Peach in each game and making him the final boss is some time-honored tradition, when it's just even less work they have to do between games, and it's becoming so stale and stupid, you almost wonder how they cannot be self-aware of it.
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10 months ago#10
Mario 1, 2, 3, and World all felt different so I don't know why NSMB still feels the same. But casuals eat it up.
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