You know... this big remastered game could be but just one...

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Theories based on theories!

pretty much this
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As much as I love Zelda, I'm kind of hoping it's not another Zelda remaster, we've had plenty of them recently, and I think it'd be better to focus on games like Mario Sunshine/Galaxy, F-Zero GX, or Metroid Prime.

I agree. We've already had a Wind Waker remaster and ALBW was very similar to ALttP... I enjoyed both games but I'd like to see more new Zelda and we are getting Hyrule warriors and Zelda 2015 so I should be content with those.
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I want a MM remaster because I can't get into the original, but I seriously doubt they would pass up the opportunity to reuse the OoT 3D assets. That would just be so much easier and cheaper. So that remaster would be on the 3DS.

I think this remaster is gonna be Sunshine or Galaxy.
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