Zelda Case from Club Nintendo, yay or nay?

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1 year ago#11
OH MY GOD. i want those Mario cards.

although most NoA solid object rewards (well, and the game rewards too) suck, i gotta say one really good one was that Yoshi cleaning cloth. not only is it good for cleaning the gamepad, but i have glasses and it works great for cleaning them too, and i keep it in my glasses case for that very reason. i mean there are cool rewards out there, but this one was actually really useful for longterm plus pretty cool in its own right.
1 year ago#12
just got excited too, checked club nintendo and then got sad again
1 year ago#13
Signs into my account. What zelda case =[
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1 year ago#14
Ugly. Im saving my points
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1 year ago#15
burningxbridges posted...
Got really excited for a second, then I came back to reality and remembered NoA CN would never have such a thing.

I hate people in general.
1 year ago#16
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