Should Nintendo remove The Letter and stop Treefall from making WiiU games?

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Shadowbird_RH posted...
As long as they price their games accordingly (sell dirt dirt cheap), I have no problem with them.

You should try playing one. You will change your tune pretty quick.

I'd actually been considering it. Mm, nah, it isn't 50 any more.
I've heard the game is crap, that's bad, but I've also heard that it's cheap and short, so not so bad for the wallet or schedule. $2 is more than I'm willing to pay (at least right now) for a garbage game, but it's not enough for me to say that it and its developer should be banned and barred from the eShop. Now, if it was substantially more expensive, I might be singing a different tune, but as it is, I think it's fine.
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How about the broken promises? The developer sold the game by promising buyers updates but there hasn't been anything. He said that the only reason he calls it a "game" is because Nintendo doesn't allow early access titles.

This means that he purposely put and unfinished product on the Eshop and is taking his sweet time delivering the content he promised his suckers... I mean "fans" (people who don't know what a good game is).