9s across the board for Hyrule Warriors

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cyanide_suicide posted...
Famitsu lost all credibility when they gave that abortion known as FFXIII a 39/40.

I wish SE aborted FFXIII, but the best way to recoup an investment mistake is to get other people to pay for it.
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Sounds like a bunch of you got a problem with this. I'm just posting news.
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meh. Still 9's across the board is nice to see.
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They also gave FF13 39/40.
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Dynasty warriors 7 and 8 got all 9s as well. Seems they are overly generous with warriors games.
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Famitsu scored 36/40 also with Sonic Lost World, a very mediocre game. What's your point TC?
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SegavsCapcom posted...
PS4Warrior posted...
Is this board taking Famitsu seriously now? I forgot the last time you guys flip flopped and hated its reviews.

I don't remember anyone on this beard saying anything bad about Famitsu.

They did the last time I posted a Famitsu review article.
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Lmao Famitsu might as well post playeressence scores lol
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Awesome! I would buy it regardless, even if it was a 2/10. Can't get enough of those warrior games.
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