Is tropical freeze the best game of this gen so far?

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Red Link posted...
I definitely agree that Tropical Freeze is the best so game so far. I also agree that it has a poor co-op mode, but I don't think that takes away from the game at all.

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I'm not sure. Best platform game? Probably. I didn't play Rayman Legends, though. Best this year so far on Nintendo systems? Probably.
IMO it's an amazing game, but I don't think it's going to hold as Nintendo goty for much longer with Bayo 2 and Smash coming. W101 was a strong candidate last year, so Bayo 2 has big chances.
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3D world was fun, but is never felt challenged. TF was awesome. Coop is bad though, agreed.
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Cant really say, because its hard for me to compare games like WW HD and MK8 to a plat former. Since both of those are sequels/remakes though, I guess I can take them out as they are more improvements than innovations. In pure content, 3d world wins and it has great multiplayer, too. However, the challenge in DKC:TC is a great thing (halfway through it, just bought the game). I think 3d world has the edge, but I have no clear cut allegiance to either game.
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No. Rayman Legends is better.
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NSMB, 3DW, MK8, and Rayman are more fun to me. But...they're all great.

Yay for having a platform with fantastic first party games exclusive to this generation. :-D
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Wonderful 101 and SMT4 have been my favorite games so far this gen.
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No. It's a good game, but I prefer DKCR Wii.
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StephenYap3 posted...
No. It's a good game, but I prefer DKCR Wii.

i dont think you understand the question
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StephenYap3 posted...
No. It's a good game, but I prefer DKCR Wii.

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