remastered are only ok if they're not the only reason to own a system.

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bandit__74 posted...
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For example:

one remaster out of ten games is ok

mario 3d world
pikmin 3
tropical freeze
wonderful 101
lego city
new super mario bros
new super luigi
mario kart 8
nintendo land
wind waker HD

But only one good game period and it's a remaster is not ok

the last of us remastered


Except none of the games you listed (except TLoUR) is a good game. Oh wait, that's just my opinion. I forgot, somehow your opinion is more important than anyone else's...

Biased pony opinions don't count
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Man, the Wii U board needs more moderation than a high security prison.

Only it rarely gets any.
Without exaggeration, I can honestly say this is the best thing I've played this whole year, and its only a demo!
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This is a troll topic.
Yet all the anti-nintendo trolls are jumping on it like it is serious. Just ignore and move one.
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One game (regardless of whether it's a remaster or not) is never (imo) a sole reason to buy a console unless that game is going to provide 1000 hours of gameplay.

That said a remastered game is usually an improvement on what we often see as GOTY editions so I really don't see it being a negative thing, especially for those that haven't played it.

Personally there are a few reasons for me to own a PS4 (and TLOUR isn't one of them) but the main thing currently holding me back is that most of the games I want are still being released on PS3.
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The Last of Us >>>>> any game released on any Nintendo console ever.
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WahshniEh posted...
The Last of Us >>>>> any game released on any Nintendo console ever.

Your sig shows us your lack of taste in games.